Young Adult adventure fiction, the first book in the Eternite Series by Rob Peterkin. War is inevitable and the person with the biggest stick more often than not wins. Before all that though, Py (Pytheas) is sitting at his desk at the famous hero agency of Istros dreaming of a chance to prove himself . . . and obviously the fame and fortune that automatically comes after proving yourself. A simple quest to deliver a letter throws him into the opportunity he always thought he wanted. Joining forces with a princess and a giant, his journey takes him to every corner of this fantasy world, from desert lands, vast forests and even a temple above the clouds. His destiny now pulls him towards an ancient weapon and a race against time to stop an attack by the dark warriors, an evil army that has travelled from afar with one objective . . . to destroy everything. Py really shows you how there is another world out there, if you are only brave enough to leave your desk. 256 pages. I designed the cover too :).


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A Key Feat by Rob Peterkin