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Teaching Creative Art & Illustration

I cut my teeth teaching in-person and online creativity workshops for adults as an M.Y.O. host. I have been working with Diana and Sam, the cofounders of M.Y.O., since February 2019, delivering workshops including: Creative hand-lettering, watercolours for beginners, still life drawing, painted ceramics, macramé, origami, vinyl pressing, lino cut printing, wreath making, calligraphy, and Japanese notebook making. These sessions have been for the general public as well as many for repeat clients such as Google, ITV, Better Bankside, Imperial University, Great Exhibition Road Festival, YELP, Old Vic, Imperial's Outreach programme, and once for the Department of Health's legal team day (where my session was followed by a speech by The Chris Whitty). The transition from in-person sessions (which cured my fear of public speaking) to the Covid-necessitated online workshop phenomenon went so well it felt as though my bedroom had become an extension of M.Y.O.'s Borough studio. All in all I have run 127 workshops for M.Y.O, which has taught me so much about how to encourage and engage people who had long since given up hope on enjoying 'arty' pursuits. I now also run workshops under my own steam for adults via mental health and wellness charities. As a long term anxiety sufferer, these charities are close to my heart.

I also absolutely love working with children, they have the best ideas and unfettered imaginations. I have noticed that at some point during primary school, most children seem to become self-conscious about their drawings; I want to help these children in particular weather this self-doubt-storm and encourage them to keep on creating, thwarting their inner saboteur-monsters. I have hosted and supported school-age workshops on illustration & creativity both online and in-person. I have worked with Imperial University's outreach programme, offering drawing workshops to disadvantaged children in the local area that included having an actual moon scientist on the Zoom call. The sessions were a runaway hit after we tailored the drawing tasks around the science of living on the moon, so that Josh – Imperial's Moon Scientist – could interject with facts, such as if you grew trees on the moon, they would not be restrained by as much gravity and would grow incredibly tall! Also in conjunction with Imperial University I was paired with a leaf scientist, Cathy, and we ran a hugely successful leaf drawing workshop which, at its peak on Youtube Live, reached 450 families!  I also currently work as a student ambassador for ARU at their Cambridge National Saturday Art Club.

If you would like me to come to your school and teach a drawing workshop please
get in touch. I offer a range of discounts and free workshops for schools with disadvantaged/SEND pupils, and have an up-to-date Enhanced DBS check from 2020.

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