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Name: Abby Hobbs

Age: 29

Profession: Illustration

Years of experience: 3.5

Favourite tool: Unipin 0.3mm fine liner

Favourite work companion: Fry the cat

Aiming for: Middle-grade fiction

Worked with: uSwitch, One Fifty Consultancy (Yellow Tail, Toby Carvery), Space Agency London (Man City FC), MedicAnimal, Make Your Own (M.Y.O), Mark the IT Guy, & StopAids.

Previous profession: Graphic designer

Degree: Chemistry & Psychology (Natural Sciences) BSc at the University of Birmingham

Open for commissions: Yes

Any commissions at all? Try me, abby@abbyhobbs.com

Have worked on: Social media campaigns, hand-drawn logos, wedding stationery, event branding, personalised maps, portraits, personal commissions, storyboarding & teaching.

You teach? Yes, at M.Y.O's Borough Studio. I teach painted ceramics, vinyl t-shirt design & creative hand lettering (on chalkboards). Check out their blog post interviewing me: https://www.myo.place/blog/meet-the-creatives-abby-hobbs

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