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Being interviewed by BBC South Today

Back in lockdown #1 the BBC were looking for stories of businesses adapting to the brand new coronavirus restrictions. So it was that BBC South Today came to interview Joby Carter of Carter's Steam Fair, who had switched to running his prestigious sign writing courses online from his garage. The Beeb asked if there was a student from one of his newly formatted internet courses and Joby suggested me. A very nice BBC reporter called Matt came and interviewed me (from a 2m distance) out in my parent's garden about what lockdown had been like for my work and why I had jumped at the chance to book on one of Joby's coveted sign-writing courses. I'd actually already clocked up three of his courses by the time of the interview and I can confirm they are EXCELLENT, check out his website to book. Oh and let it be known that my Dad was very upset that the family bin made it onto the news.

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