Soap & Glory Illustrated Bathroom Makeover Videos

I was lucky enough to have a DREAM commission land in my metaphorical in-tray during lockdown from Soap & Glory! I was tasked to 'make-over' (read: doodle all over) images of bathrooms and turn them into a plant haven or a pink marbled spa with added doggo (who doesn't want a puppy – in a jumper – in their dream bathroom?).

Soap & Glory pushed these videos and images on all of their social media channels worldwide, tagged me each time, payed me swiftly and were genuinely a pleasure to work with. Honestly so impressed with companies like Soap & Glory taking time to support creatives during the first lockdown, and they are also donating products to the @thehygienebank charity who are tackling hygiene poverty in the UK! Thanks so much @soapandglory & the team 💖