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Where's My Uncle

A children's picture book, written by Josh Denness and illustrated by me.

Josh Denness got in touch in the Autumn of 2018 to ask me to illustrate the story he had written for his niece Freya. Freya was always confused why Josh didn't live with them and only visited occasionally, and Josh wanted to write her a story to explain that although he wasn't close by, he still loved her very much. It is a beautifully written rhyming story and I was so excited to work with Josh on it. Even if we did only had two months before Freya's birthday! I illustrated the scenes first in pencil, and then edited them together on Procreate on my iPad. Once Josh and I were happy with the composition, I printed the scene out and used my trusty light box to watercolour on to a fresh sheet of paper. I wanted to add the colour in this way to make sure I couldn't obsess over painting over the pencil lines and make the watercolour illustrations a bit looser. Josh and I self-published and sold over 100 copies to friends and family. Three went to the same little girl who loved the book so much it that she would dribble all over it and would need a new one once a year. We made back all our printing and postage costs and made £150 on top of that which was an unexpected bonus. Oh, and of course Freya herself loves the book – so much so she knows it off by heart!

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